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IT Support


Integrated MD Solutions, Inc. offers a wide array of integrated application services for medical professionals of all specialties, including:

  • Information Technology Support
  • Practice Management Software
  • Electronic Health Record Software
  • Allscripts™  – One of the top 5 software vendors in the country

Let us handle implementation and coordinate the interface processes for a seamless transition. Our IT support is unmatched in the industry and available to answer your questions at any time.

With the continuing growth in medical information technology, running a medical practice has never been easier to organize. These systems help physicians become more efficient in their practice, with simpler and more organized billing methods and appointment scheduling. By employing IMDS, you will be able to see more patients, as well as have easy access to patient medical records, even when away from the office.

If you are a medical professional who is just beginning your own practice, or if you need to update your current processes to keep pace with the rest of the industry, Integrated MD Solutions, Inc. can be of service, no matter your field of practice.